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Residential Claims, Commercial Claims and Business Interruption Claims Caused by Hurricanes

Denied, Delayed or Lowballed?

If you haven’t heard from your insurance company, or their offer is lower than you expected, you shouldn’t be surprised. Insurance companies know that people are desperate and vulnerable and that the longer they hold out, the more people will feel forced to take their lowball offer. These tactics let insurers save millions, either by underpaying or not paying claims at all.

Free 2nd Opinion

If you’ve received a lowball offer, let us come by your home or business and give you a second opinion on the true value of your loss. Our highly qualified professionals will conduct a thorough investigation and provide a detailed analysis of your wind and water damages and give you a more realistic replacement value.

In our experience, victims often deserve tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the insurance companies offer for hurricane claims. And trying to negotiate or renegotiate with the insurance companies directly can mean even more money lost.

Contact us for a FREE case review and analysis. If you’re getting the right amount we’ll let you know. If not, we’ll get you the money you deserve.

Damages Below Deductible?

Did you recently receive a letter from your insurance company saying your wind damage amount is below your deductible? This is another common tactic insurance companies use to avoid paying what you truly need to repair your home.

We’re here to level the playing field. We’ll dispute unfair insurance company estimates and shut down other tricks.

Our Guarantee — No Downside

We guarantee that when you work with us, you won’t end up with less money than the insurance company has offered you for hurricane damage. We work on a contingency basis: this means we only get compensated when we win you additional money. We’re so confident in our ability to help that we guarantee in writing that you’ll never receive less than you would have received from the insurance company’s offer — even after all attorneys’ fees and expenses. There’s no downside to hiring us — only the potential upside of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more in your pocket. Click here to get started.

Hundreds of Millions Recovered

At Danziger & De Llano, we’ve recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. We can help you get the insurance money you’re entitled to and deserve. We’re ready to help you recover for:

  • Damage to Businesses
  • House Damages
  • Business Interruption Claims
  • Policy Holder Rights
  • Insurance Litigation

More Information About Us

If your hurricane insurance claim has been denied, delayed or underpaid, let us help you recover the money you’re entitled to. There’s no downside. To get started on a FREE 2nd opinion, Click Here.

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