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A Little Poem I Wrote while Waiting on Hold with an Insurance Company

Use your brain, file a claim

To not do so would be insane

Don’t throw your hard earned money down the drain

Insurance companies want to gain

Denial and delay is the game they play

Call Lauren Hussey with Danziger & Dellano – We’ll make em’ pay!

*** I don’t recommend trying this at home… clearly, I was on hold for a very long time***

Author: Lauren Hussey
Lauren Hussey

Lauren Hussey graduated from the University of South Florida with a Dual Major, earning her a Bachelor Degree in both Criminology and Psychology. Her schooling focused on classes related to the Legal System and Victimology. This concentration led Lauren to pursue her passion to advocate against injustice in her community. Contact Lauren by email at lauren@dandell.com

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