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Looks like you will be starting a Journal

Today’s Tip comes to you from Everglades City, Florida. While having lunch yesterday in Everglades City at one of my favorite restaurants for seafood… an employee shared with me her frustrations after the storm.

While chowing down on stone crabs…I listened to her explain to me how difficult it has been for her to get ahold of her insurance company. She cannot seem to get a single person on the line. Finally, when she actually is able to speak with someone…they tell her they will call her back at a later time! But she is still waiting….

This is textbook guys! They are deliberately delaying things. This is a very common tactic.

My tip- Write it down. Take note of the dates, times, and who you spoke with. This will likely come in handy later…and when it does…you will be thanking me.

Author: Lauren Hussey
Lauren Hussey

Lauren Hussey graduated from the University of South Florida with a Dual Major, earning her a Bachelor Degree in both Criminology and Psychology. Her schooling focused on classes related to the Legal System and Victimology. This concentration led Lauren to pursue her passion to advocate against injustice in her community. Contact Lauren by email at lauren@dandell.com

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